How to Date an Entrepreneur

Kim and Meghann

Being an entrepreneur usually means being both brilliant and a bit crazy. We work odd and sometimes all hours of the day. We have a vision we want to see executed our way. We’re ruthless in our persistence. Who wouldn’t want to date someone passionate about their work? Dating us can be thrilling, but in the beginning, it’s not all first class seats and multiple homes around the world. Not sure you can keep up? Here’s a few quick and dirty tips to help you navigate dating us:

First, be flexible. Lots of us work 24/7, because our business is our passion. Our brain has a hard time “shutting down” and turning off work fully, so sometimes you’ll need to realize that our dinner reservations will be for 10pm, not 7pm, because we’re working until… 9:57pm. Keep in mind that we’re also “all or nothing” type people, so when we’re into you, it’s full on.

Be smart. We don’t care where or if you went to business school, but we don’t have time for people who check their brains at the door. We love exchanging ideas and learning. Anyone who can challenge us gets extra points in our book!

Be open to middle-of-the-night sex.  No explanation necessary.

Love our dream too. Realize that your entrepreneurial partner is (hopefully) building an empire, which, if you’re lucky, you’ll be a part of in the future, so support us in our pursuits. We promise to do the same for you.

Realize we’re not rude, we’re just busy. We don’t text you back immediately not because we’re not thinking of you, it’s that we wear 100 different hats on any given day. So, sometimes you’re not on the front burner. When we do make time for you though, its becasuse you’re important to us and we genuinely want to make our relationship work.

We might cancel last minute. I promise, we’re not being selfish, but when I land the biggest meeting of my company’s life so far, our tickets to see Madonna no longer matter. We’ll make it up to you!

Be open to making decisions for us, as a couple. Entrepreneurs are constantly managing, directing, closing, persuading, nudging, and making decisions for our business. If you could go ahead and just tell us where our next date will be, that would be great…

Be on time. We live by our calendars. Sorry we had to “schedule” calling you, but if you want our undivided attention, we sometimes have to calendar it.

If we’re a new entrepreneur, we’re broke. Understand that if we are coming off of a bad month, we can’t afford that weekend trip to Mexico, or even a cup of coffee at times. If we’re a “super new” entrepreneur, you might need to get used to eating 25 cent ramen noodles. Don’t worry, we’re incredibly creative and thrive off solving problems, so your ramen will be “doctored up”, and not just the shit in the bag.

Above all, be confident and secure of yourself. We work for ourselves because there’s a fire inside us, and we won’t let anyone get in our way of success. If you’re insecure, don’t expect this relationship to last. If you can handle the ride, it’s going to be awesome.

Good luck!