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Hi Meghann & Kim—I was thinking of you and I just don’t have enough words to thank you for introducing me to Josh. We have had the best nine months together—honestly each month gets better and I don’t how that happens. Last month we had an incredible time in London and the French Riviera—the entire trip was magical.

I wanted you to know how appreciative I am and how thankful I am. It has been the best nine months of my life.
Sincerely hope the two of you are doing well. Wishing you a terrific Summer—big hug

Michael, 52

I wanted to let you know for the past month, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with James-the wonderful guy I was set up with on March 6th. Now, I’m happy to report, we’re ‘officially’ dating!

So, please pass along my sincere gratitude to Kim and Meghann for the match-he’s terrific!-and thanks to you for setting up the date. Also, if you could put my membership on hold, I’d appreciate it.

Again, thanks for everything.


James, 45 and Michael, 55

Meghann, I know it’s a bit late but I felt compelled to shoot you a note letting you know what an awesome time I had on my date with Sam tonight. From the minute we sat down for beers at Comme Ca’s bar to our moving venues for dinner, the conversation was nonstop and chemistry was on-point.

I’ll give you a call tomorrow but let’s just say I walked from my car to my front door with an added spring in my step.


Kevin, 34 and Sam, 32

My time with Dave was great. Please thank Meghann and others for such a good match. Have to be honest after the last six I was not looking forward to it but Dave was different.

I found him cute, interesting, and devoted to family and career. Also, he might even be able to enjoy a time out once in a way (like to get him to a club for some relaxation). He seemed concerned about his looks but I actually found him appealing and told him so to ease his mind.

Most importantly, I admired his relationship with his son and we talked at length about that….I can relate and respect that so much.

Overall, please thank Meghann for her hard work on setting this one up. I look forward to my last couple of introductions…hope we continue to build and go up on the last few. Then I will have to renew my membership. Do hope Dave calls. If you communicate with him please let him know that I find her a very good person and would like to be friends and get to know one another better.

Thanks again.

Vincent, 42 and Dave, 49

Hi Meghann, Kim: It’s been a little over a year since you both set Jeff and me up on a date and we’re excited to inform you that we got engaged in Paris on December 28th! Though the wedding will be a little far off, spring of 2013, we’ll make sure you both receive an invite. Thanks for setting us up and it’s great to hear of Mixology’s successes over the past year. I hope things are great with you both?

Cheers, Daniel
Daniel, 36 and Jeff 30

Hello Mixology! All’s well with Alan and I. Buying a home together this month (placed the offer). Thanks again, David.
Alan, 55 and David, 57

Karen and I decided that we wanted to see each other and not see anyone else. Nervous, but excited. So thank you! She will be at the party at my house with a few of her friends so should be fun! Thanks again and keep your fingers crossed for us.
Jill, 48 and Karen, 51

Hi Meghann, Thanks for saying hi. I am so pleased your business is prospering and growing. Mixology helped me greatly in building confidence with the dating scene. It provides a great venue for those of us who don’t frequent bars or on line social networks. It is truly a significantly easier way of meeting men for those of us with hectic work and personal lives. I enjoyed all of the people I was introduced to and several even lead to multiple dates.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jay, 47

Hi Meghann, Thanks so much for the email and checking up on the “match.” That is so sweet.

I am happy to report that things are going really well with Gabrielle and you should definitely consider us one of your success stories. We will happily celebrate 6 months together in October. The relationship is strong and blossoming. In fact, my parents will be coming into town in a few weeks and they are looking forward to meeting Gabrielle, such an important part of my life. As I have often told Gabrielle, she is IT and I am definitely committed to making this relationship last a lifetime and beyond. She is all I dreamed in a partner, and more.

Okay, I’ll stop bending your ear, but it is evident that I am very, very happy and so grateful to have met Gabrielle and to have her in my life. Thank you so much for introducing us!!!!!!!

Wishing you and Kim all the best. I do hope that business is good and you are continuing to work your magic and successfully match couples.


Anne, 48 and Gabrielle, 45

Mixology serves a niche market for professional gay and lesbians who want confidentiality as well as individualized service. My experience has been totally positive. I find the staff professional, engaging, caring and sincere. During the interview, they take their time and try to get to know each person, including their tastes, history and desires. The process is fun and not at all intimidating.

The Mixology staff understands the challenges and “ins and outs” of dating in the gay community. Of particular note – they always follow-up before and after dates and try their best to tailor their service to meet the client’s needs. They offer valuable feedback and in general are akin to having a private coach.

It has been a great experience and I have met some amazing women – several who have become life-long friends. Mixology is truly trying to match quality people who have a lot to offer and who for a variety of reasons can benefit from their service – especially given that so many people are busy with careers and other obligations. Mixology is a dating service that is worth the investment – and the rewards from the investment are great. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone – especially people who are trying to take some control of their destiny. In general – I would say – have fun and give them a chance – you have nothing to lose.


Mary, 49

Hey there Meghann, Happy Holidays to you and Kim! Great to hear from you guys and I hope all is well on your end.

Danielle and I are doing quite well. The timing for both of us to meet couldn’t be more perfect. We’re both in a time and place in our lives to really give everything towards a relationship (read: minimal “ex” baggage/L Word drama). :) I’m really enjoying the process of getting to know her better and it’s been wonderful. Thanks to you guys, this whole “blind date matchmaking thing” may turn into something awesome! :) I’ve attached a picture of us at Zaytinya … it’s not the greatest picture, in fact I look terrible. But, it’s something. :)

Thank you so much for everything you guys have done. Best wishes to you both in the New Year and Danielle and I will pop in some time to say hello!

Hugs & sloppy wet kisses,

Sara, 34 and Danielle, 31